Project Brief – Loves Grows Stronger in Death

Project Title: “Love Grows Stronger in Death” Anthology

1. Project Overview

The “Love Grows Stronger in Death” anthology aims to compile a collection of literary fiction stories that explore affections or opportunities not appreciated or explored until they are lost. The anthology seeks to touch the souls of readers in a profound and nerve-wrenching way, bringing them to tears of relatable joy or sorrow.

2. Objectives

– To curate and publish a high-quality anthology of literary fiction stories centered around the theme of love and loss.
– To engage readers on an emotional level and provide thought-provoking narratives that resonate with a wide audience.
– To showcase diverse voices and perspectives, promoting inclusivity and representation within the anthology.
– To establish the anthology as a reputable literary work, contributing to the cultural and artistic landscape.

3. Scope

The project will include the following key elements:

  • – Call for submissions to invite authors to submit their literary fiction stories based on the anthology’s theme.
  • – Story selection process, including evaluation, review, and final selection of stories for inclusion in the anthology.
  • – Editing and revision of selected stories to ensure narrative quality and adherence to the anthology’s vision.
  • – Compilation and organization of selected stories in a coherent and impactful sequence.
  • – Design and layout of the anthology, including cover design, typesetting, and formatting for print and digital editions.
  • – Proofreading and quality assurance to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to publishing standards.
  • – Marketing and promotion activities to create awareness and generate interest in the anthology.
  • – Distribution and sales coordination, including physical and digital distribution channels.
  • – Fulfillment of author copies and management of inventory.

4. Stakeholders

  • – Authors: Writers who will submit their stories for consideration in the anthology.
  • – Editorial Team: Responsible for story selection, editing, and overall project management.
  • – Design and Layout Team: Handles cover design, typesetting, and formatting of the anthology.
  • – Proofreaders: Ensure accuracy, grammar, and consistency in the anthology’s text.
  • – Marketing and Promotion Team: Manages marketing strategies, promotional activities, and media relations.
  • – Distribution Team: Coordinates distribution channels and logistics for the anthology.
  • – Advisory Board: Provides guidance, expertise, and feedback throughout the project.
  • – Readers and Audience: The target audience for the anthology, who will engage with and appreciate the published work.

5. Deliverables

  • – Completed anthology with a curated selection of literary fiction stories.
  • – Professionally designed cover and layout for the print and digital editions.
  • – Edited and revised stories to meet the anthology’s quality standards.
  • – Marketing and promotional materials, including press releases, social media content, and author interviews.
  • – Distribution plan and coordination to make the anthology available through various channels.
  • – Sales and revenue generation from the anthology’s distribution and sales efforts.

6. Timeline

Check the updated project timeline here. Please note that the timeline provided is an estimate and subject to change based on the project’s progress and any unforeseen circumstances.

7. Assumptions and Constraints

  • – Authors will submit their stories within the specified submission period.
  • – Sufficient quality stories will be received to meet the anthology’s standards.
  • – Adequate resources, including personnel, technology, and funding, will be available for the project.
  • – Adherence to copyright laws and permissions for published stories.
  • – Compliance with publishing standards and industry best practices.
  • – Any budgetary or resource constraints will be addressed in collaboration with the project team and stakeholders.

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