Role Based Teams/Members Requirements

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Witsprouts’s anthology, “Love Grows Stronger in Death.” We appreciate your dedication and support in bringing this project to life. This document outlines the requirements and expectations for volunteers working in various roles throughout the project.

General Requirements for All Volunteers

  – Passion for literature and a genuine interest in contributing to the anthology project.

  – Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with the team, authors, and contributors.

  – Reliability and commitment to meeting deadlines and fulfilling assigned responsibilities.

  – Respect for confidentiality and adherence to professional standards in handling sensitive information.

  – Availability to dedicate an estimated minimum of up to 2 (or more) hours per week for the duration of the project.

Editorial Assistants

A) Submissions Coordinators

  – Strong organizational skills to manage the submission process, including tracking and cataloging submissions.

  – Attention to detail to maintain accurate records and respond to author queries professionally.

  – Effective communication skills to provide timely acknowledgments and updates to authors.

B) Acknowledgments and Bios Editor

  – Strong writing and editing skills to compile author acknowledgments and biographies.

  – Attention to detail to ensure accuracy and consistency in author information.

  – Collaboration with authors to gather and verify necessary details.


  – Critical reading skills to evaluate submitted stories based on the anthology’s theme and quality.

– Excellent command of language, grammar, and storytelling elements.

  – Ability to provide insightful feedback on narrative structure, character development, and emotional impact.

 – Ability to provide constructive feedback and work closely with authors to enhance their stories.

  – Attention to detail to ensure consistent tone, voice, and quality throughout the anthology.

  – Time management skills to review and provide feedback within specified timelines.

  – Respectful and constructive communication when sharing feedback with authors and the editorial team.


  – Keen eye for detail to identify and correct grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors.

  – Familiarity with style guides and standards to maintain consistency in the anthology’s text.

  – Knowledge of proofreading marks and techniques.

  – Reliable and thorough in reviewing the final typeset pages for errors or inconsistencies.

Typesetter/Layout Designer

  – Proficiency in typesetting and layout design software (e.g., Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher).

  – Creativity and an eye for aesthetics to design visually appealing and readable page layouts.

  – Attention to detail to ensure consistent formatting, typography, and alignment.

  – Collaboration with the editorial team to incorporate necessary changes and revisions.

Cover Designer

  – Strong design skills and creativity to conceptualize and create a compelling cover design.

  – Collaboration with the editorial team to understand the anthology’s theme and visual requirements.

  – Ability to incorporate feedback and iterate on design concepts.

  – Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) is required.

Digital Formatting Specialist

  – Proficiency in formatting digital publications for various platforms and devices.

  – Knowledge of e-book formatting standards (e.g., EPUB, MOBI) and digital publishing tools.

  – Attention to detail to ensure proper conversion, formatting, and functionality of the digital editions.

Marketing Coordinator

  – Experience in book marketing and promotion, preferably in the literary or publishing industry.

  – Strong communication and copywriting skills to create compelling promotional materials.

  – Familiarity with digital marketing channels


  – Experience in media relations and securing press coverage for books or literary events.

  – Excellent written and verbal communication skills for crafting press releases and engaging with media contacts.

  – Proactive in seeking publicity opportunities through media outreach, interviews, and guest features.

  – Ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple media campaigns simultaneously.

Social Media Manager

– Proficiency in social media platforms and strategies to engage with readers and the writing community.

– Creative approach to curate content, run campaigns, and foster meaningful interactions.

– Excellent communication skills to respond to comments, inquiries, and feedback in a timely manner.

Fulfillment Coordinator

  – Detail-oriented approach to manage the distribution of author copies and ensure accurate delivery.

  – Organization skills to track and maintain inventory of the anthology.

  – Effective communication with authors to collect necessary information for fulfillment.

Distribution Coordinator

  – Knowledge of book distribution channels and processes, both physical and digital.

  – Experience in negotiating distribution agreements and coordinating logistics with distributors.

  – Strong organizational skills to ensure the timely availability and visibility of the anthology in various outlets.

Sales Team

  – Experience in book sales and distribution, preferably in the literary or publishing industry.

  – Strong negotiation and relationship-building skills to secure distribution and sales opportunities.

  – Ability to analyze sales data and monitor market trends to optimize sales strategies.

  – Collaboration with the marketing team to align sales and promotional efforts.

Event Coordinator

  – Experience in organizing author events, book signings, and literary festival appearances.

  – Strong planning and logistical skills to coordinate event schedules, venues, and participant requirements.

  – Effective communication with authors, event organizers, and venues to ensure successful events.

  – Experience or knowledge of print production processes, including file preparation and print specifications.

  – Collaboration with printing vendors to ensure high-quality printing and timely delivery.

  – Attention to detail to review proofs and ensure accurate reproduction of the anthology.

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