Teams and Roles

1. Story Selection, Evaluation, and Quality Assurance team

  1. Editorial Assistants:
    • Submissions Coordinators: Handle the organization and management of submitted stories, including tracking submissions, sending acknowledgements, and responding to author queries.
    • Acknowledgements and Bios Editor: Compiles and verifies author information for inclusion in the anthology, such as acknowledgements and author bios.
  2. Reviewers: Read and evaluate the submitted stories based on the established criteria and make decisions regarding the shortlisting and acceptance of stories.
  3. Proofreaders: Conduct a meticulous review of the text to identify and correct any errors, inconsistencies, or formatting issues.

2. Design and Layout team

  1. Typesetter/Layout Designer: Responsible for formatting and designing the interior layout of the anthology, ensuring readability and visual appeal.
  2. Cover Designer: Creates or collaborates on the cover design, incorporating thematic elements and aesthetic considerations.
  3. Digital Formatting Specialist: Prepares and converts the anthology into various digital formats (e-books, audiobooks) for distribution.
  4. Webmaster: Creates and updates website assets with relevant information.

3. Marketing and Promotion team

  1. Marketing Coordinator: Develops and executes a marketing plan, including online and offline promotional activities, author events, and collaborations with influencers.
  2. Publicist and Partnership Manager: handles media relations, press releases, and outreach to secure reviews and media coverage.
  3. Social Media Manager: manages social media accounts and engages with readers, authors, and the writing community to maintain ongoing discussions and support for the anthology.

4. Distribution and Sales team

  1. Fulfillment Coordinator: oversees the distribution of complimentary author copies and ensures accurate delivery to the accepted authors.
  2. Distribution Coordinator: Manages the logistics of distributing the anthology to various channels, including online retailers, bookstores, and digital platforms.
  3. Sales Team: monitors sales performance, negotiates distribution agreements, and ensures the availability and visibility of the anthology.
  4. Event Coordinator: organizes author events, book signings, and literary festival appearances to further promote the anthology and facilitate author-reader interactions.

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