The Witsprouts Project Presents



No. 1

Surviving the Beginning

The first issue of the Witsprouts Conversations was published in 2018 and it features conversations with 5 prominent thought leaders in business, academics, politics, and life. They share personal anecdotes and insights around the theme of Surviving the Beginning. To begin a journey is easy and almost effortless, but continuing it past the lonely and windy mid-distance and reaching the intended end is not an easy task–only a few people actually finish what they started. This issue of Witsprouts Conversations explores tips and hacks to take along on any journey, in any aspect of business or life, so that you are equipped to reach the target.

— on rising above realities and living the dreams others cannot
— on summoning the courage to retrace long-mistaken steps
— on overcoming the biggest obstacle to success
— on how to measure your lifes legacy
— on the modest expectations of true friendship