At Witsprouts, we are passionate about African arts and culture. We believe that innovation, enterprise, and arts have the power to inspire, educate, and transform societies. Witsprouts Global is thereby dedicated to fostering deeper engagement in African arts, culture, creativity, and innovation through media and publishing, community, and enterprise.

Through our innovative projects and initiatives, we aim to create platforms that encourage sustainability and inclusivity in culture and celebrate the rich and diverse artistic traditions of Africa and its diaspora, while also exploring contemporary expressions of creativity. We believe in the power of storytelling and the arts to amplify voices, challenge narratives, and create meaningful connections between people.

Impact Channels

Witsprouts engages various channels to drive results toward its purpose. Some of the channels employed include:
- Media & Publishing Channels
- Hospitality & Tourism
- Capacity Development
- Events and Community Gatherings
- Morale Empowerment
- Commerce
Witsprouts engages various channels to drive results toward its purpose. Some of the channels employed include:
- Media & Publishing Channels (Magazines including socialize, moveee, and conscious art; Podcasts including This book changed me, and poetry experience; Newsletters, Books, Guides)
- Hospitality & Tourism (Resorts, Galleries)
- Capacity Development (Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, Residencies, Academies)
- Events and Community Gatherings
- Morale Empowerment - Prizes, Lists, Ranks
- Commerce (Pop-Ups (fashion pop-up, eCommerce (Moveee Library, art market,)

Witsprouts Anthologies

Witsprouts Anthologies is one of Witsprouts’ media and publishing channels. It was created with a mission to provide a dynamic platform to nurture, amplify, and celebrate world-class literary talent. We’re fostering a community that values storytelling as a means of expression, connection, and exploration, and at the same time, we’re catalyzing the discovery and development of diverse voices. We aim to document true life experiences and experience-based insights through literary projects, with a specific focus on Africans and Black Diasporans in the 21st century.

Our vision is to create an inclusive and vibrant space in the literary landscape, where emerging talent gets recognition or opportunities for growth, and where established talents get to contribute to the growth of the landscape through participation. Witsprouts Anthologies aims to be a hub that captures the essence of human existence through the interception of storytelling and self- and nature consciousness. We are fostering empathy, understanding, and dialogue with readers from all walks of life through the presentation of a carefully curated range of projects.

Sidenote: Witsprouts Anthologies aim to be a platform for the creation and curation of real and faux-real* human stories and insights; and to be a hub for collecting moments and preserving memories in an entertaining, captivating, enlightening, and illuminating way. * When we say "faux-real human stories", we mean to say although some of the stories we publish are fictional, they capture the essence of actual human experiences and emotions. These stories may be imaginative, and/or observational, but they are meant to connect with readers and arouse feelings of realism and relatability.

Moveee Media

As part of Witsprouts’ media and publishing channels, Moveee Media is a website, group of digital and print magazines, newsletters, and social media pages dedicated to capturing and celebrating the creative renaissance and cultural flourishing of the African and Black diasporan community.

From artists and designers to illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and animators — Moveee Media is creating and curating a suite of platforms and resources to inspire young people to explore creativity with impact.

Founded based on enthusiasm for cultural exploration and celebration of new ideas and artistic brilliance, the platform sticks to its mission of spotlighting notable works from both emerging and established creatives and cultural movers, one offering at a time.

Advisory Council

Love Grows Stronger in Death (Witsprouts Anthologies, 2024)

With a combined background in writing, editing, literary curation, publishing, marketing, business development, and cultural management, members of our Advisory Council provide editorial and strategic guidance toward the success of our upcoming Witsprouts Anthologies project, Love Grows Stronger in Death.


Basit Jamiu

Senior Editor, Legit.ng


Ibrahim Babátúndé Ibrahim

Winner Quramo Writer’s Prize 2022


Sada Malumfashi

Founder, Open Arts


Tobi Eyinade

Founder, The Booklady


Tochi Eze

Author, This Kind of Trouble (Tiny Reparations, 2025)

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Advisory Board

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