The mission of The Witsprouts Project is to provide a dynamic platform to nurture, amplify, and celebrate emerging literary talent. We’re fostering a community that values storytelling as a means of expression, connection, and exploration, and at the same time, we’re catalysing the discovery and development of diverse voices. We aim to document true life experiences and experience-based insights through literary projects, with a specific focus on Africans in the 21st century.


Our vision is to create an inclusive and vibrant space in the literary landscape, where emerging talent receives support, recognition, or opportunities for growth. And to be a hub that captures the essence of human existence through the interception of storytelling and self- and nature consciousness. We are fostering empathy, understanding, and dialogue with readers from all walks of life through the presentation of a carefully curated range of projects.

Our Story

The Witsprouts Project started as a personal development blog in 2018 by Tope Akintayo. The project has since grown into a literary platform that aims to nurture creative talents, ignite a love of literature, spark meaningful discussion and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its audience.

The Witsprouts Project seeks to be the cornerstone of literary excellence, a source of inspiration for generations to come, and proof that telling stories has an impact on the collective consciousness. The goal is to be a platform for the creation and curation of real and faux-real* human stories and insights; and to be a hub for collecting moments and preserving memories in an entertaining, captivating, enlightening and illuminating way.

* When we say "faux-real human stories", we mean to say although some of the stories we publish are fictional, they capture the essence of actual human experiences and emotions. These stories may be imaginative, and/or observational, but they are meant to connect with readers and arouse feelings of realism and relatability.

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