Niyi Soyinka

TOPE AKINTAYO. There is this saying that there’s a difference between existing and living. The sentiment behind it being that most people, from birth, merely


Elisha Mamman

TOPE AKINTAYO. How did you discover yourself? How did you move from a state of just existing to a state of living? ELISHA MAMMAN. I


Tosin Ayo

TOPE AKINTAYO. Yours is a fascinating story, and I am glad to have you share some insights with me. To start with can you give

Revived Intimacy

The woman raised her hand and I quickly turned my face away, to the right. I thought she was going to hit me for removing

Just a Girl, Asking to be Loved

Before 2020 I was pretty secure in who I was, I think. Maybe a little avoidant here and there, but who isn’t? There’s this attachment

Dear Diary

Dear diary,  Today, my cousin, Ellie said that the year of our Lord, Two thousand and twenty has so far felt like seven years compressed